India Network Health Insurance Programs

(All ACE programs are underwritten by American Insurance Companies and sponsored by India Network Foundation)

ACE Comprehensive Plan ACE Premier Plan
ACE Standard Plan AXIS Plan
ACE AD&D Plan Summary

ACE Comprehensive Visitor Health Insurance Program (80/20) NETWORK Plan:

This is a FirstHealth PPO network based comprehensive plan with an option to take pre-existing coverage. Available with maximum coverage of $150,000 for ages 69 and under; and $75,000 for ages 70-99 with a deductible of $500 and Pre-Ex deductible $1500. TIP: Highly Recommended for visitors with diabetes, blood pressure, etc. with medications for above 50 years old. The out of pocket medical expenses are capped at 20% after deductible. Visitors with per-existing conditions can select Pre-Existing deductible when enrolling.
(Minimum purchase required: Three months (90 Days) with Pre-existing and Without Pre-existing Coverage.

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ACE Premier Visitor Health Insurance Plan:

This is a fixed benefit plan with coverage for new problems, accidents and pre-existing conditions with a variety of deductible for new medical conditions and pre-existing medical conditions. This plan offers cost effective pre-existing coverage.
TIP: Recommended for visitors with pre-existing conditions looking for cost effective alternative to the network benefits and willing to take some risk in terms of left over bills after the plan payments. Highly recommended for anyone above ages 50 above.
(Minimum purchase required: Three months (90 Days)

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ACE Standard Visitor Insurance:

This is a fixed benefit without any pre-ex coverage plan. It offers $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000 policy maximum with a choice of deductible of $75, $250 and $500(only for ages 70+) based on age groups and premiums. There is no Network associated with this plan..
TIP: Recommended for visitors with no pre-existing issues, looking only accidents and new medical limited coverage with low insurance premium cost from an American Insurance Company. (Minimum purchase required: One Month.)

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AXIS Visitor Health Insurance:

This plan is available with $25,000 and $75,000 maximum coverage with $75 and $250 deduct able options. Fixed Benefits with $1,000 Pre-Ex (Acute Onset Coverage only)
TIP: Recommended for visitors with no pre-existing issues who want a cost-effective coverage from an American Insurance company or those that may want to use any provider. (Minimum Purchase required: One Month)

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ACE Accidental Death and DismembermentInsurance:

The ACE Accidental Death and Dismemberment program is designed as essential coverage for anyone visiting, studying or working in the United States. The plan offerings are as follows: $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 maximum AD&D benefit and repatriation. Minimum duration required to enroll is one year. All non-US citizens are eligible to apply. Premiums for 12 months coverage is only $18 for $25K and $36 for $50K and $72 for $100K program. India Network highly recommend this benefit for all members of various community groups, and students.
TIP: Highly Recommended for every non-US citizen currently in the USA as a minimum essential program

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Fixed Coverage ACE Standard and Premier Plans:

  • Select any provider or Facility
  • Maximum coverage: Age 69- is $150,000 and Age 70+ is $100,000
  • Pre existing coverage(Premium Plan)
  • Defined benefit schedule

Network Based ACE Comprehensive Insurance:

  • First Health PPO Networks
  • Maximum coverage Age 69- is $150,000 and Age 70+ is $75,000
  • Pre-existing coverage
  • 80%/20% co-insurance

$50,000 Standard Plan Premiums and Benefits $100,000 Standard Plan Premiums and Benefits $150,000 Standard Plan Premiums and Benefits $100,000 Premier Plan Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Premiums and Benefits $150,000 Premier Plan with Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Premiums and Benefits Network based (80/20) Coverage for Ages 99 and Under
Comprehensive Coverage with Pre Existing Conditions Standard Plans from $50,000 MultiPlan Network for Network based (80/20) Coverage Premier Plans with Pre-Existing Conditions Network based (80/20) Coverage Europ Assistance Services RX Prescription Discount Card