Visitor Health Insurance

General Faq

Who is eligible for the India Network Foundation's Health Insurance Plan? Is this only for Indian Nationals? 
All non-US Citizens and their eligible dependents visiting the USA are eligible. One Member in the family must be an active member of India Network Foundation. Insurance coverage can be purchased by any non-US Citizen (i.e., visitors from all countries to the USA are eligible and welcome to take advantage of this coverage).

How do I get insurance coverage? One can get insurance coverage by completing the following online forms: 1) India Network Membership Form and 2) Insurance Enrollment Form.  You may also download these forms under the "Members Area" link at our website, and fax the completed forms to India Network Services at (408) 520-4967 or mail the two forms with payment to: India Network Services, 7065 Westpointe Blvd, Suite 209 Orlando, FL 32835-8758.

When does the coverage become effective and terminated?
Coverage becomes effective on the latest of the following dates:

The departure date from a covered person's home country,

The date that India Network Services receives the insurance enrollment form and required premium (for online enrollments, the day after the secure server online form is submitted and premiums processed; otherwise, the day after the postmark on the envelope containing the enrollment form and required premium), or

The actual start date of the trip (as specified in the enrollment form)

Coverage will terminate on the earliest of the following dates:

The date the covered person returns to his or her home country,

The scheduled trip return date (as specified in the enrollment form), or

The last day of the period for which the required premium is paid.

All dates and times refer to US Eastern Standard Time and date.

What are the major benefits of having India Network Foundation's Health Insurance* Coverage? 
Affordable Premiums with a variety of plan options; 
Deductible Options Available:  $75 or $250 Deductible Options (for <70 year olds) and $250 or $500 Deductible Options (for 70+ years old); 
Maximum Benefit Amounts Available:  Options of $150,000, $100,000, and $50,000 available (for <70 year olds). For 70 plus: $50,000 and $100,000 Maximum Benefit Amount;
Pre-existing Conditions Coverage Available: refer to Premier coverage plans; 
No medical examinations or other qualifications required; 
24 X 7 Assistance Services

Does the insurance coverage apply all over the United States? 
Yes. The coverage applies across the United States.

Do you have a list of providers in my town? 
No.  You may visit any provider closest to your location (see yellow pages in your phone book). All you have to do is present them with your id card.  Claims may be settled with the provider directly if the provider bills for services or with you (the insured) if you file claim. Claim forms are available under download section of our website.

Can I cancel my policy once my coverage starts? 
No.  Once coverage starts, refunds of premium are not available.  However coverage may be canceled prior to your coverage start date, subject to $25 cancellation fee. $5 application fee is not refundable.

What is the deductible amount? 
The deductible amount varies depending on the plan you select, and represents the dollar amount to be paid out-of-pocket by an insured for each injury or sickness prior to benefits becoming payable under the policy.

Can I re-enroll in the insurance plan after it terminates?
You may re-enroll for up to 12 months of continuous coverage.  If there is a break in the coverage, Pre-Existing Conditions may not be covered. Please refer to the “Program” page for more information.

If  a couple is visiting and wanting coverage, do they both need to be members of India Network Foundation? Do they both have to enroll in the insurance coverage? 
No, only one person must be a member.  The member may elect to add Dependent coverage for his or her spouse or children who are visiting the United States. 

What is the minimum and maximum coverage period that insurance can be taken? 
The minimum coverage period depends on the plan selected.  Coverage may be purchased for up to 12 months.

How do I contact India Network Services if I am traveling outside the United States? 
In addition to our phone number 408-540-3600 from within the United States, if you are traveling outside countries, you can call using Whatsapp at 408-540-3600 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Additionally, you may send a message directly from our Contact page.