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CHUBB Network Plan with and without pre-existing coverage, please use the following link to search for providers in your area. If you go to one of the providers listed, the plan will cover 80 percent of the charges for eligible services.

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First Health Network

Network means the First Health Network. When a covered Injury or Sickness requires treatment by a Doctor, the CHUBB Network Policy will provide benefits while coverage is in force for the Usual and Customary charges incurred which exceed the deductible per person for each Injury or Sickness. Payment for any covered service will be no more than the Benefit Limit shown for it. In no event will the total combined benefits for a single Injury or Sickness (either in a single Policy year or through continuing year's coverage) exceed the Policy Maximum Benefit.

Plans with First Health Network

  • CHUBB Network Coverage Plans (or Comprehensive Plans): Policy holders pay 20% when using providers in the First Health Network. Policy holders pay 40% of when using providers outside the First Health network. For emergencies, policy holders should go to the nearest facility irrepsective of network participation.
  • AXIS BasicCare Plan, AXIS plan with pre-existing conditions coverage and AXIS Network plan: Policy holders get negotiated prices when using providers in the First Health Network.

Plans Without First Health Network:

Policy holders can choose ANY provider and there is no network linked to these policies.

  • CHUBB Standard Plan
  • CHUBB Premier Coverage Plan
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The information source: First Health Group Corp