Visitor Health Insurance 101

What is a Visitor Health Insurance?

Visitor health insurance, also known as visitor medical insurance, is a form of short-term travel medical insurance policy that visitors to any country purchase to obtain a coverage protection for accidental injury or sickness or illness that occurs during their stay in the host country.

Why do I need a Visitor Health Insurance?

Some people may argue that they are healthy or their medical conditions are under control, but the reality is, anything can happen. While having fun, you could get into accidents or catch cold by simply sitting next to a sick person. Diabetes and high blood pressure are universal problems that most elderly visitors from India and other countries are facing, and they are all pre-existing conditions that could lead to other health complications.

Comprehensive vs. Fixed Coverage?

Fixed benefit plans will have a fixed amount that the insurance company is willing to pay for different health services.

Comprehensive plans will pay a percentage regardless of a procedure and normally have network of health providers which provide discount on different health care services.

Fixed benefit plans are normally cheaper than comprehensive plans and they are great for healthy people who just want to have insurance for emergencies rather than for people who seek medical attention regularly.

What is pre-existing coverage and Acute Onset definition?

If you meet any of these conditions you should get a pre-existing plan:

  • If you are 50 years old and above.
  • If you take medication regularly.
  • If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, AIDs, cancer, etc.
  • If you had any kind of surgery prior to purchasing the insurance.
  • If you have any condition that will require regular doctor’s visit.

Know the insurance coverage and compare the benefits with your visitor’s needs before getting a plan. If your visitor has pre-existing conditions, you should look for the plans that will provide coverage for new and pre-existing conditions, emergency care, ambulance, inpatient, and outpatient benefits.
Most insurance companies don't offer pre-existing coverage, but do offer acute onset coverage. There are a lot of exceptions that may apply when it comes to acute onset. For the most insurance companies, insured must seek medical attention within 12 or 24 hour window after initial symptoms manifestation in order to be considered acute onset.

The best Plans are offered by India Network Services:

India Network Health Insurance offers INF Elite Plan Comprehensive plan and INF Premier Plan for people with pre-existing conditions that will help with different life threatening episodes caused by pre-existing conditions. These plans do not have acute onset definition; hence, they provide great coverage with fewer restrictions. These plans are recommended for older people (50 years and up), and for people with pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing condition coverage comes with a separate deductible.
This Plan is #1 in the country that uses this definition.
Under our program if you end up in ER with pre-existing problems, you will be covered no matter how long you waited to get medical help. No other plans cover this!

Please visit this page to get a quote of Visitor Health Insurance Plans offered by India Network Services.